<>Ablap manufactures new diamond laps with with the diamonds permanently set in a hard wear-resistant matrix – forming a single true plane of diamond points -for machine or hand lapping.

  • Laps hard and soft materials alike
  • Finished flatness to within one  light band-no turned edge
  • Surface finishes to one micro inch
  • Automatically provides quality control indication
  • No free abrasives – no diamond particle loss
  • Minimal lap loading – easily cleaned
  • Hard wear resistant surface – long life – no dressing
  • Contact Information

    Toll Free     – 888-432-3454
    Telephone – 802-748-5900
    Fax – 802-473-4008
    Postal address
    226 Industrial Drive 
    Bradford, VT 05033

    Email: Sales@ablap.com

    Ablap - The foundation of precision.